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Yello Terms and Conditions


1. General Information for every user of the site
2. Specific information for advertisers
  1. General information for every user of the site
    1. Site contents
        Yello has assembled this site with great care and attention to detail. All the advertisements and information regarding the advertisements come from a third party (the various advertisers). The third party is responsible for the accuracy, completeness and quality of this information. Yello is not responsible for the ads placed.
    2. Sale agreement
        Yello brings buyers and sellers together. Use of the Yello website does not make Yello responsible for the sale, nor does it make Yello a part of the sale process.
    3. Information collection and use
      1. If you wish to use this site you must ensure that your personal information (as applicable to the sale) is complete and accurate. This personal information includes your email address and, if necessary, your name, address, postal code and payment and information. You also guarantee that you are legally competent to use this site.
      2. Your personal information will be used only to complete a sale with an interested buyer
      3. Yello collects the necessary details to make improvements to the site using IP information and cookies. This information is used to improve user friendliness
      4. Yello believes in doing all it can to protect the privacy of its users. Personal information is not used to improve our services to the users of Yello. Personal information is not made available to a third party without the user's explicit permission
      5. You give Yello permission to provide information to legal authorities if it is necessary according to their judgment
      6. Yello may contain links to other sites (by means of a hyperlink, banner or button). While visiting other sites, you are the privacy rules and regulations of the site you are visiting. You acknowledge that Yello has not developed these sites and therefore has no influence on, and takes no responsibility for, the content of these sites.
      7. If you do not agree to be bound by the above articles, we strongly advise you NOT to use Yello.
    4. Copy rights and Other Intellectual Property Rights
      1. Rights regarding the Yello website including text, images, layout, databases, pictures and all other (static and/or animated) material, sounds formats, software, brands (including domain names or other right advertisers names) and all other material belong to Yello, the license providers and/or advertisers. If you feel (as an advertiser) that your copyright or other intellectual property rights are being infringed upon, it is your responsibility to take action. You acknowledge that Yello takes no responsibility for or part in, the resolution of these matters.
      2. You are not permitted to distribute copies of this website or make it available in any way to third parties other than by downloading and browsing on a personal computer and/ or printing one hard copy./li>
    5. Spam/Harvesting
        • The use of personal information made publicly available through the site, including but not limited to email addresses, is to be used only to work out a sales deal as advertised by the poster. It is under no circumstances permissible to use the email addresses for other purposes, such as:
        • Sending an advertiser unsolicitedemails in which a commercial nature and/or emails not directly related to the advertisement or request
        • Sending an advertiseremails in which a commercial product or service is offered , and /or emails regarding products or services directly or indirectly related the advertisement
        • Collectingemail addresses from Yello users and/or advertisers for whatever other reason
        1. If you violate this article (in whole or in part), you will, without warning, proof of fault, or third-party consultation, be charged 10,000 Rs. (ten thousand Rs.) per violation (where the use of one user's personal information is considered a single violation). Please see article 6 as it would undoubtedly apply in this situation.
    6. Expulsion
        Yello has the right to ban you from further use of the website if you in any way do not comply with these terms and conditions. Yello also has the right to take the necessary legal action against you and to demand compensation for damage or loss. Yello also has the right to inform the authorities on your unlawful behavior.
    7. Guarantee
        Yello does not guarantee:
      1. The accuracy, completeness and truthfulness of the advertisements or the text therein, or the quality, safety and legality of the products offered
      2. The competence of the other party to close the agreement, the correctness, completeness and accuracy of the advertiser's personal information that the advertiser will follow through with the deal in the correct manner
      3. That the site will be error free/or will operate without interruption
      4. That a third party will use legally at all times.
    8. Liability
        • Yello is not in any way to be held liable for any damage or loss, direct or indirect, that may arise or result from the use of the website. Furthermore, Yello is under no circumstances responsible for what ever damage or loss that in any way may arise or result from:
        • Personal actions performed by you (as a user), such as closing a deal advertised through this site
        • A site interruption
        • A product not meeting the specifications as set out on the site
        • Any information on the site that is incorrect, inaccurate and/or not current
        • Any third party that use the site unlawfully
        • Any actions of another party after a deal has been made through this site
        1. The liability rules regarding placing ads are specifically explained in article 14
    9. Disclaimer
        You will not hold Yello responsible in any way for any possible claims against/ from you that may arise or result from a deal closed through the use of this site.
    10. Links
        The site includes references to other sites by a third a third party (such as hyperlinks, banners or buttons). Yello has no control over these websites and is therefore not responsible for the content of these websites (see also article 3.5 and 3.6).
    11. Protection
        Yello takes every measure possible to protect users against loss and/or unlawful use of the site. Yello therefore implements the suitable technical and organizational rules, with special attention to the technical aspects
    12. Miscellaneous
        Should one aspect of the terms and conditions become invalid (or be declared invalid) the remaining terms and condition in will be no less valid. Yello will then implement a suitable condition to replace the invalid condition in complaisance with remaining conditions.

        These terms and conditions are in accordance with Indian law. The law applies to all possible disputes. These terms and conditions may be updated at any time. Yello therefore advises you to review them regularly.
  2. Specific information for advertisers. The articles in this section as well as in section 1 apply to you if you wish to place an ad on the site
    1. Site Contents
      1. Every advertiser is responsible for providing current, accurate, truthful and complete descriptions of the products offered. By placing and ad on the site you grant Yello permission to post the information concerning the product
        1. It is absolutely forbidden to advertise illegal products and services, such as, but not confined to
        2. Body parts, weapons illegal drugs, immoral things stolen and smuggled goods, products that do not have the government certificate
        3. Any thing that is illegal according to Indian law and culture
      2. When offering the product on the site you must enter a minimum price for which the product can be sold. If you forget to specify the minimum price in the ad, then Yello has the right to determine the value of the product and use that as the minimum price.
        1. Yello has the right to edit, modify or delete advertisements without notice. This will occur in the following circumstances (not limited to):
        2. The advertisement is place in the incorrect category
        3. The product, description and/or price in the advertisement are inaccurate and/or incomplete
        4. The product and/or advertisement infringes upon a copyright and/or another intellectual copy right
        5. The product may cause damage and/or infringe on the intellectual property rights of someone else in any way
        6. The advertisement is found in more than one category or posted more than once;
        7. The product and/or content of the advertisement contain discriminatory aspects (child) pornographic material or are illegal according to Indian law
        8. Advertisements that in any way may be offensive, at the discretion of Yello
        9. The advertisements raise suspicions in regard to whether it is a stolen item
        10. The product offered is a firearm or any such related item
        11. The goal of the advertisement is to promote an enterprise, directly or indirectly, without paying for it.
    2. Liability
      1. Yello is willing to compensate for any direct damage or loss arising from shortcomings or faults in regard to the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the add placement. Compensation is limited to the amount of fees paid to Yello by the advertisers when placing the advertisement.
      2. Yello will at no time be responsible for direct damage or loss, which includes subsequent effects, lost profits, missed savings damage from business stagnation and damage from loss of information.
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