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Tibet Tours (Kailash Manasarover Overland Tour) Starts @ USD 2,590

4 Months ago
Ad Information
This Ad were expired.

Tibet Tours (Kailash Manasarover Overland Tour) Starts @ USD 2,590

Greetings from Exploring Tourism (Tibet)..!!!
Kailash Manasarover Overland Tour
13 Day(s) - 12 Night(s)
For More details :
Day 01: Drive to Zhangmu 2300m:
Our adventure overland trip begins here with an early morning drive to the Tibetan border. You will experience some beautiful Nepalese countryside along the friendship Highway. Upon reaching the border we will complete the necessary paper work and continue the scenic drive to Zhangmu then again follow the road up to Nyalam. Overnight at guest house

Day 02: Drive to Peiku-Tso:
Your final destination today is the large Peiku-tso Lake. On the way you cross two high passes and encounter much beautiful scenery. Overnight at guesthouse or camping

Day 03: Drive to Zhongba:
Today is a longer day, but the surrounding Tibetan scenery makes it all worthwhile. Throughout the day we cross the Brahmaputra River on a ferry, pass through Saga, and finally end in the small town of Zhongba. Overnight at guest house or camping

Day 04: Drive to Below Mayun-La:
On the 4th day you will encounter some of the best breathtaking scenery in your entire journey. After passing through Paryang you will cross several rivers before reach your camp. You will spend the night just below Mayun-La. Overnight at Local guesthouse or Camping

Day 05: Drive to Manasarovar 4060m:
This day, you finally reach the holy site of Lake Manasarovar. Be well prepared for an awe-inspiring experience. Overnight at guesthouse or camping

Day 06: Jeep tour around Lake Manasarovar:
Well, today will be an easy day driving with the jeeps around this beautiful lake, experience the magic of this holy site meet with local pilgrims and visit the beautiful Chiu Monastery. Mt. Kailash looms in the distance. After a short break at Chiu Gompa we will continue drive to Base Camp of Mt. Kailash, Tarchen. Overnight at local guesthouse or lodges

Day 07: Drive to Traboche 4750m, Start trek to Dira-Puk:
Tarboche marks the start of your religious 53 km trek around the Mt. Kailash. You will trek to Dirapuk today, through lush green meadows and babbling mountain streams compliment your walk through the Lha Chu Valley then trek through a narrow river canyon. Enticing waterfalls and steep cliffs surround you. The north face of Mt. Kailash finally appears into view as we reach Dira-puk, a 13th century monastery. Overnight camping or basic guesthouse

Day 08: Trek to Zutul-Puk 4790m:
After trekking through the Drolma Chu Valley you will climb the prayer flag laden Drolma La pass. It is a relief to cruise downhill towards Zutul-puk, with a view of an alluring mountain lake in the distance. Thukpe Dzingbu Lake is known as the Lake of Compassion. You can also discover several ancient meditation caves! Overnight Camping or basic guesthouse

Day 09: Trek to Darchen 4560m, on to Hor:
Today is your final day of the kora. Several stream and splendid gorges surround you. Ravishing views of Mt. Kailash are abundant on your walk today, meet your jeeps and drive to Hor the east side of Lake Mansarovar. Overnight at guesthouse or camping

Day 10: Drive to Paryang 4750m:
You must leave early today for your drive back to Paryang. However, it is not a wasted day as some of the best scenery on our trip is seen in this section. Relax and enjoy the unparalleled beauty of this drive. Overnight at guesthouse

Day 11: Drive to Saga 4600m:
Today is another driving day as we head towards Saga. Take in the sights of the small dusty towns along the way. Overnight at guesthouse

Day 12: Drive to Nyalam 3600m:
Today you cross the Yarlung Tsangpo by ferry once more. You are given one last chance to soak in the beauty of Peiku-tso before arriving back at Nyalam. Overnight at guesthouse

Day 13 Drive to Kathmandu 1400m:
Today you are descending down through a mossy gorge and brilliant cascading waterfalls. Cross the friendship bridge From Zhangmu saying good bye to your Tibetan crew and 5 hours scenic drive to Kathmandu where your trip will end.

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